Additional Services

At Opn., we specialize in delivering top-quality interior painting services in Harlem, the Bronx, and Westchester. With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to transforming your space into something truly remarkable.

Additional Services for a Complete Solution:

Opn. offers a range of complementary services to provide you with a complete solution for your home improvement needs. We understand that a successful paint job often involves additional tasks such as furniture assembly, TV mounting, and various handyman services.

We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Furniture Assembly: We recognize that assembling furniture can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task. Our skilled team is proficient in furniture assembly, whether it’s for new purchases, flat-pack furniture, or reassembling existing pieces. We ensure that each item is properly assembled, securely fastened, and placed in the desired location, saving our clients time and effort.
  • TV Mounting: Mounting a TV on the wall not only enhances the aesthetics of a room but also optimizes space and provides a better viewing experience. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in TV mounting techniques and have the necessary tools to ensure a safe and secure installation. We handle the entire process, from assessing the wall suitability to concealing wires, leaving our clients with a professional and clean setup.
  • Handyman Services: We understand that there are various small tasks and repairs that may arise during or after a paint job. As part of our commitment to being a one-stop solution, we offer handyman services to address these needs. Whether it’s minor repairs, installation of fixtures, or general maintenance tasks, our skilled handymen are ready to assist. We pride ourselves on prompt and reliable service, ensuring that our clients’ homes or commercial spaces are in top condition.

By expanding our service offerings to include furniture assembly, TV mounting, and handyman services, we aim to simplify the home improvement process for you. With Opn., you can enjoy a seamless experience, knowing that all your needs can be met under one roof. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering the same level of professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction that we provide with our painting services.

Please note that these additional services are offered as optional add-ons to our core painting services. Our goal is to provide flexible solutions that meet your unique requirements, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every aspect of your project.

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