Our 11-Step Room Painting Process

At Opn., we believe that a well-executed paint job can transform any space into a masterpiece. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver consistent and scalable results every time. 

To ensure our employees achieve this level of quality, we have developed an “11-Step Room Painting Process” that guarantees a flawless finish. By adhering to these steps, our team can provide our valued customers with an exceptional painting experience.

So, let’s dive into the Opn. “11-Step Room Painting Process” and discover how we will turn your vision into a vibrant reality.

We have everything, all you have to do is relax!

To ensure our team achieves professional-grade results, consistently – we have compiled a comprehensive list of (15) essential tools and supplies. These carefully selected items are integral to our painting process and enable us to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and customer satisfaction time and time again.

Each Opn. Pro is required to have the following (15) essential tools and supplies for any assigned task. 

  • Paint Can Opener 
  • Stir Stick Screwdriver 
  • Spackle and Applicator 
  • Utility Knife or razor
  • Sandpaper (150-220 Grit) 
  • Painter’s Tape 
  • Angled Sash Brush (2″-2½”) 
  • Roller Cover and Frame (9”, 14” or 18” length at a 3/8th” thickness)
  • Extension Pole 
  • Paint Tray 
  • Paint Tray Liner 
  • Rags to immediately wipe spills
  • Property Protection: Plastic cover for furniture, drop cloths or brown masking paper for floors
  • Ladder or step ladder
  • Garbage bags (to dispose of  plastic  covers, masking papers and old roller covers)

The Opn. 11-Step Room Painting Process:

STEP 1: We bring our own tools & supplies.

Before diving into the painting process, we arrive fully equipped with all of the necessary tools. This includes paintbrushes, rollers, paint trays, screwdrivers, spackle, sandpaper, drop cloths, tape, and any additional supplies specific to the project. Ensuring that all tools are readily available saves time and allows for a smooth workflow. You as a client may only need to provide paint [this is determined at the estimate walkthrough]

STEP 2: We’ll move your furniture and cover it and the floor.

To protect our customers’ furniture and the floor from accidental paint splatters and drips, it’s important that we move the furniture out of the way or cover it with drop cloths. This step helps maintain a clean and organized work environment while safeguarding your belongings.

STEP 3: We won’t paint over your cover plates [light switches and outlets]

Taking off the cover plates from light switches and outlets is necessary to provide a seamless painting experience. By removing these cover plates, we can paint the walls more easily and achieve a professional finish. Why paint over the cover plates? (We aren’t those guys lol)

STEP 4: We’ll fill any holes with spackle. 

Before painting, it’s crucial to address any imperfections on the walls. We will fill in any holes or cracks with spackle and allow it to dry. Once dry, we will lightly sand the patched areas to create a smooth surface. Wiping off excess dust ensures we have a clean painting surface before we begin. It will look like there was never a hole there before.

STEP 5: We will get you clean, sharp edges.

We will tape off any bordering areas using an arm’s length of tape. By applying tape along the borders of trim, baseboards, and other areas that need to be kept free of paint prevents paint from seeping underneath, resulting in crisp lines.

STEP 6: We will paint the borders, doors and ceilings.

Depending on the package you get – if requested, we will also paint the borders, doors and ceilings. 

STEP 7: Dry time for coat 1, apply coat 2

At Opn., we consistently apply 2 coats to any wall we touch. We will allow the first coat of paint to dry for approximately 30 minutes to an hour – or as per the manufacturer’s instructions – until it is completely dry to the touch. Once dry, we will apply a second coat of paint. Applying multiple coats helps achieve a more uniform and vibrant color.

STEP 8: We will peel off all the blue tape.

We carefully remove the tape while the paint is still wet. This prevents the tape from adhering to the dried paint and ensures clean, sharp edges. We peel the tape slowly and at a 45-degree angle to avoid accidentally pulling off any fresh paint.

STEP 9: We will put back the removed cover plates and light switches from Step 3.

Now that the painting is complete and the tape has been removed, we will reattach the cover plates to the light switches and outlets. This step restores the functionality and aesthetics of the room, leaving it looking polished and finished.

STEP 10: Final Walkthrough

Once the task is completed, our Pro will ask you to walk with them through the area. Here, we will highlight that:

  • 2 coats  were applied
  • The trim was protected and  the lines are crisp
  • Highlight any holes that were patched and painted over
  • Highlight that cover plates have been replaced and are clean from paint

This walkthrough must be conducted before we leave. 

Step 11: We will clean up our work area

After completing the painting project, it’s crucial to clean up your work area and your tools properly. We will dispose of  any plastic wraps and floor papers in the garbage bags we carry with us.

By following these meticulously crafted steps, Opn. ensures a consistent and scalable paint job that delivers stunning results to you, our valued customers.

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